Amuka Twende Clinic


Amuka Twende projects in eastern Uganda include a clinic and other resources.

Amuka Twende projects

Amuka Twende is a non-profit organization registered in Uganda in cooperation with Bridges of Hope, a Canadian development agency. Our vision is to enhance the productivity and capability of local organizations, leaders and communities with the aim of alleviating poverty; both physically and spiritually. To fulfill this vision, we are working on the following initiatives:

Medical Clinic

We are excited to report that our first medical clinic is completed, including a water well that provides fresh water for the


Thanks to donors we were able to purchase land that is being used for farming and raising cows. These are income generating projects for the local people.


Bridges of hope currently sponsering over 20 kids, we want to support the education of the children in the local villages and there will be a sponsorship program through Bridges of Hope.

The clinic began construction in May 2010 in Busia, Uganda under the direction of Bridges of Hope located in Alberta Canada.  

Below are pictures showing where it all started and how far the clinic has progressed.

Do You desire to volunteer in a remote village for a couple months? 

Are you a doctor, nurse, contractor, veterinarian, missionary, or someone interested in volunteering in developing countries? We could use your expertise. If you are interested, Bridges of Hope can provide you with the details of what you will need to volunteer. 

“Our mission is to promote community empowerment and self reliance in one of the poorest regions in Uganda.”


– Sophie Osaya. 

      Sophie Osaya

The founder of this ministry is Sophie Osaya. Sophie is from Uganda and has a huge heart to help her country. She is working together with her home church, Miz City Church in Lethbridge, AB and Bridges of Hope to reach out to the poor and needy in Uganda. The CEO of this ministry is Douglas Mugabe. Douglas is currently working with the Amuka Twende Board of Directors to complete this project.

– Sophie Osaya.

Why build a medical clinic in rural Uganda? This is why…

Our Trip to Busia, uganda in action

A group of 8 Registered Nurses from Alberta partnered with Bridges of Hope to provide medical education and care in Busia, Uganda in March 2020


Consider supporting these projects by going over to join in on them first hand. Sophie would be happy to meet with you to discuss this option.  We are also looking for people to donate medical supplies. Donate HERE !