We’re working on the following initiatives:

Medical Clinic

We are excited to report that our first medical clinic is completed, including a water well that provides fresh water for the clinic. We are now working on purchasing and supplying the clinic with medical equipment and supplies, ambulance and ultrasound machine. Being located on the border of Uganda and Kenya, it will serve over 5,000 people who don’t have reliable access to medical care. The poor and vulnerable in this area can often die of highly treatable diseases such as malaria.



We want to support the education of thechildren in the local villages and there will be a sponso ship program through Bridges of Hope. We will provide pens, books and uniforms as well as the school fees required for children who are orphaned or affected by HIV/AIDS. We have plans to build a library on our property for the children and also for adults. In connection with this, projects for youth will be introduced to encourage them to attend school and make healthy choices. Many youth don’t want to go to school but with initiatives such as the field hockey project and library, we hope to engage those youth and get them back into school.


 Thanks to donors we were able to purchase land that is being used for farming and raising cows. These are income generating projects for the local people. The long term goal is to introduce solar power in the village to increase the quality of life and
reduce the strain on the environment.

Our Mission

Our long term goal is to build a guest house next to the clinic sometime in the near future so that missions groups could come stay. We want to partner with churches around the world and give them opportunity to join in on
the work God is doing in Uganda.